What are you willing to do yourself?

Using Bitcoin there is an opportunity to get rid of a large part of fees that you normally pay. Just as when accepting cash the transfer is happening directly between you and the customer. If you choose to do it this way the responsibility for the wallet where your bitcoin is stored is all yours. Now, if you don't have any use for bitcoins yourself this also means that at some point you will want to exchange it into traditional currency.

If you don't want any hassle but still want to give your customers the option of paying with bitcoin there are companies that handle everything for you so that you only see the money as a deposit in your regular bank account.

Lightning network

Regular Bitcoin payments are settled on the so called blockchain but since the space there is limited the fees for a transaction can sometimes be high. A better solution is to use the Lightning Network, a network in a layer on top of the blockchain especially suited for smaller payments to be done immediately and with tiny fees.


CoinGate helps you accept Bitcoin and a number of other cryptocurrencies and also supports the Lightning Network.

They have all the tools that you need and money will be deposited straight into you bank account.
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Another alternative with the same kind of functionality as CoinGate. Supports a lot of different cryptocurrencies and has plugins for web shops.

Choose whether you want to keep the cryptocurrency or have it automatically exchanged to your local currency.
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Do it yourself

The cool thing about Bitcoin is that you actually don't have to use a middle man at all if you don't want to.

Read on the Bitcoin wiki how to accept Bitcoin payments all by yourself.
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